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As a student have you every thought that your trainer has also been a student? Yes of course trainers have been students, therefore, they understand what it is like to “be in your shoes” so the saying goes. Trainers have had to juggle life, working, families, other personal commitments, attending class and ultimately submitting assessments on time.  This experience is how trainers are able to understand students and support and encourage them to be aware of time management and prioritize their personal goals in order that all the tasks you put in place for yourself can be achieved.  Sound familiar?  here is a hint SMART, this tool is not just for use in business terms, yes you to can set yourselves Specific tasks that you want to complete, Measure that task, in what Time frame you wan to Achieve the completion, however, remember to ensure that the task(s) you have set yourself is achievable and realistic in the time your are giving yourselves.  Mind mapping is an excellent tool to assist you with planning. Watch out for the future Blog of ‘Mind Mapping’

Jill Coates-Erkan

Adv Dip Trainer and Assessor