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Complaints, Grievances and Appeals

APSI has a clear and easily accessible complaint handling processes available to all students. As part of APSI’ continuous improvement process, we welcome students to give feedback and lodge informal or formal complaints internally. We will try our best to resolve the issues through student services.​ A copy of our Complaints Grievances and Appeals Policies and Procedures can be downloaded from HERE. You can lodge a complaint or an appeal using our Complaints and Appeals Lodgement Form downloadable HERE.

If a student has exhausted the internal complaints and appeals process, the student can lodge a complaint to an external party.

For international students, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman and lodge a complaint using the online complaint form or call 1300 362 072.

APSI’s external arbitrator is Overseas Student Ombudsman. If your internal appeal process is not successful you may, within 20 days of receipt of the outcome, you can consult Overseas Student Ombudsman for external appeal.

The decision made by the Overseas Students Ombudsman will be final.

Please note:

  • The above procedure will not be of any cost to you.
  • You are permitted to attend all classes during the process and your enrolment with APSI is maintained
  • You will receive a written statement of all the reasons for a particular outcome.
  • Should the decision be in your favour, APSI will implement this decision immediately, take the necessary corrective action and advise you in writing that this has been done.
    International Students can obtain access to further assistance after the decision of the Independent External
  • Appeal Process. International Students can access consumer protection laws and take further legal action or refer to the appropriate government agency: The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), or Department of Home Affairs (DHA), or Department of Education Services (DES) for general advice or information.
  • Domestic students can access to consumer protection laws or take further legal action or refer to the following organisations for further general advice and information.

Ombudsman Western Australia (
Equal Opportunity Commission WA (
Administration Appeals Tribunal (