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As human beings we all think strategically different which in turn makes for a great innovative team meeting.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to strategic thinking, all levels of staff within in an organisation should be encouraged to think strategically.

With such diversity nowadays the encouragement of ideas, innovation and strategic thinking is more valuable than ever. From this valuable information work places can become more productive by including the ideas of their personnel and acknowledging those for their participation and contribution, in turn loyalty from employees will hopefully mean lower turnover, less absenteeism and higher productivity.

Strategic thinking, additionally assists in making better informed decisions, rather than ‘Gut Feeling’. In turn the business will benefit from having encouraged strategic brainstorms with personnel whom are more likely to support decisions if they have been initially involved.

So if you are a Leader/Manager take the time to create and encourage strategic thinking you will be pleasantly surprised about how and the ways your diverse workforce think and how many ‘Bright Sparks’ you have within your business/organisation.

Author: Jill Coates-Erkan