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Have you ever worked hard at producing a report/document/assignment, put hours of time and effort in to research, analysing data, reading, writing, deleting, editing, frustration, excitement at finding valuable data and information, formatting, editing and re-reading your work and finally feeling like it would never end?

And then you finally get to release your document for feedback, the relief is temporary as you await the return of the feedback in the hope that your document was sufficient enough to meet the requirements.  Well if you have truly spent the time and effort inputting then likely chances your output will reflect the result you were hoping and looking for.  So congratulations if you truly have placed a large amount of all of the above in to the input of your work then your output will result in nothing but positive feedback.  Those that are surprised by a negative result of feedback should reflect back on the initial input and question if they really expected the output to be equal. Another words what you put in is what you will which can be reflected in many aspects of your life’s journey”. Finally, I leave you with this to contemplate time and effort is reflected in whatever you do the higher the input the higher chance of positive output.

Jill Coates-Erkan Advanced Diploma Trainer and Assessor