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Noticed lots of infrastructure happening around Perth? Hard to miss isn’t it, currently we are surround by scaffolding, cranes, and the ground shaking from drilling.  The future vison of Perth looks bright and vibrant – finally Perth is catching up.  Unfortunately, naturally infrastructure takes time to complete, so in the meantime what impacts does this have on passing business? Think about it yourself are you avoiding certain areas, did you even notice the small, café or shop nestled between two construction sites? The impacts on such businesses during this period must be affected.  Put your business hat on and think about what contingencies, strategies and marketing tools that if it was you running these business you could implement.  If passing trade reduces, potentially the first people to be affected are the employees (you) potentially loose shifts or even loose a job. By planning ahead and perhaps placing some strategies in place the impacts can be reduced  – think about marketing tools/social media that let people know your still there, and acknowledge their loyalty to your business.  So if you haven’t noticed, then start having a good look around and upwards (yes more sky rise building appearing), lots of interesting old building are being re-invented to create modern venues, you never know you might work in one of these new buildings in the future. Enjoy the View

Jill Coates-Erkan

Advanced Diploma Trainer and Assessor