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New blueprint to grow professional aged care workforce

Excerpt from A Matter of Care- Aged Care Workforce Strategy Report

The Aged Care Workforce Taskforce’s A matter of care – a strategy for Australia’s aged care workforce, released this month, is designed to shift attitudes to ‘caring’ careers, and enhance older people’s quality of life.  According to a statement from Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care the Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, a proud and professional workforce is the foundation for quality aged care. Australia needs to triple aged care staff by 2050, which means making ‘caring’ a career of choice. The report was informed by submissions from community and seniors organisations, families, aged care residents, health professionals, unions and aged care providers.

The actions identified in this strategy will support industry to invest in better workforce planning, implement better job pathways to allow for career progression, build leadership across the industry at all levels, fosterYou won’t believe this is not an old woman but a wax sculpture! (pics inside)the next generation of leaders, implement practical strategies for attracting and retaining the right people with the right fit,and keep valued skills and talented people.

The voices of service providers in remote areas are to be amplified through the establishment of an Industry Accord on the Remote Aged Care Workforce (remote accord) that will support alignment on the problems to be solved and set deadlines for arriving at solutions.

The quality of aged care in Australia matters to us all. Our view is that this strategy can be executed in one to three years and in doing so will then position the industry for the next four to seven years.

The execution of this strategy will better equip and enable the aged care workforce to support older people to live well.

Our underlying message is one of unified leadership, focused on people, practices and recognition of why aged care matters to the community. Through the community and employees of the industry, the taskforce has identified a shared and unifying belief for the industry:

We exist to inspire people to want to care, enable people to properly care
and enhance life through care.Because how we care for our ageing is a reflection of who we are as a nation.’
A matter of care is for all Australians, because the way we care for our ageing is a reflection of who we are as a nation’.

How we care says who we are

Professor John Pollaers OAM Chair
Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce
29 June 2018