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Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Capturing opportunities through lifelong learning

This page showcases a collection of testimonials from APSI’s domestic and international students from all over the world. Read through our student testimonials and be inspired by what they have to say about their student life at Australian Professional Skills Institute and how we prepared them to work in a dynamic and challenging environment.

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Dave Christiano
Cookery student from Indonesia

Stories from Indonesian students


Hyoin LEE
Cookery Student from Korea

Kah Weng Lee
Cookery Student from Malaysia

Ran Bao
Aged Care Student from China

Ari Satria
Hospitality Student from Indonesia

Juan Ernesto Galeno Astaiza
Cookery Student from Colombia

Ni Made Ugi Bayanthi
Business Management Student from Indonesia

Student Testimonials

I am from Greece. I have completed my Certificate III in Aged Care and now I am studying the Certificate IV. I currently work for Saint Basilis Aged Care services where I did my workplace training. The best part is that I am working full time because I can use this practical time to learn in the workplace and I get paid for it. After finishing my education, I am going to be sponsored. It has been a great opportunity for me to stay in Australia.

When I started I was shaking, I didn’t feel confident in English, but the teachers supported us. I remember them saying: “it is OK if you are not perfect, but you can always ask.” In addition, classmates and I have formed a great group of 25 people. We had a connection with people of different nationalities: Bhutan, China, Serbia, Colombia...I feel happy thinking this has been my destiny. Regarding the teachers, I can say that they are really supportive, all of them. They support us trying to find for us a job in Aged Care.

Giorgia Koutouzi (Greece) - Certificate III and IV in Aged Care

Student Testimonials

I am studying Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and I came to Perth as I want improve my professional career. My family has a guest house and I would like to help in the family business. When I go back to I’ll put in practice all the knowledge I am acquiring in my organization.

I am happy in APSI since the first day. We have a really good teacher, who is very passionate and you can see that from the way she teaches. We can feel the emotion she brings into the class and how she makes us love hospitality more and more. She helps us a lot.

The students are from Australia and different countries. It is a great opportunity to learn a lot of things about culture. And also the atmosphere is friendly.

Cecilia Auguste (Mauritius) - Adv. Diploma of Hospitality

I wanted to take a break from my job in America and decided to study a course in Perth, Western Australia where my friends live. I found the information about APSI from the internet. The enrolment process was very fast and after six weeks, I arrived in Perth. I am studying a Diploma of Business. The course made me think differently; it taught me how to work with other people, to think about different scenarios and situations which I may not have known how to deal with before. My studies help me to create a solid base to get to where I want to be one day, that is starting up my own business.

Emily Gunkelman (United States of America) - Diploma of Business

I am an International student from the Philippines and I worked in the Health Care profession back in the Philippines. I decided to study Aged Care course in Australia in order to advance my career in nursing.

My agent introduced me to Australian Professional Skills Institute and I am very happy with the Institute as they helped me to secure a job at Brightwater the Village as soon as I started the course. Brightwater is one the largest Aged Care organisations in Perth and making it a great privilege to get to work with them. The working conditions and working environment is very good here. I really enjoy my studies and work a lot!

Aivy Joselle (Philippines) - Certificate III and IV in Aged Care

Student Testimonials

I started studying at APSI when I finished Year 12. I was introduced to APSI by my teacher in high school. When I first started, the work was difficult for me to understand, but I felt more confident because the teacher guided me. APSI really helps people to grow and it is really amazing.

I started with the Certificate III in Hospitality and since that moment I’ve learnt that I can do much better and develop more skills, also, I have built up my confidence. Then I went to my workplace training which was a challenge for me. I studied at the institute and I took the knowledge to the practical training.

When I started I didn’t trust myself. I was really surprised at being here. I find that APSI helps you achieve your goals and helps you to find a job which you are happy with. The opportunity is always there and you need to go and get it. So when I finish this course I want a open a small business – a cafe.

Fatima Kanneh (Ivory Coast) - Diploma of Hospitality

Since I have nursing background I liked to broaden my knowledge and develop my skills.  There are different things in comparison to Europe and the industry in Australia is so different that Aged Care is a good introduction to go back to nursing. I am happy with the way of learning in APSI.  It is funny, teachers are precise with the explanation, they encourage us to work together and develop good communication skills, especially as international students. In addition to that, the assignments are really helpful to learn English and specific topics of our field.

Branka Krgovic (Serbia) - Certificate III & IV in Aged Care

Student Testimonials

APSI provides good quality teaching. I am able to learn faster in a small class as I can ask for help when I face difficulties. The trainers are very friendly and teach us very patiently. I also get to know people from different countries.

Joyce Modong (Australia) - Certificate III in Aged Care

Studying the certificate III in Aged Care gave me the skills and knowledge to provide services to the elderly and disabled. I found that this is a very meaningful course as I'm a person who is very caring, I like to take care of people and help the elderly or disabled people. After the course in APSI, we were sent to different places for work experience. I am very happy about that as I can finally earn some experience even if I do not get paid. I was offered a job after the work placement and I would recommend this course to someone who wants to help older people to maintain their independence.

Janet Jocson (Philippines) - Certificate III in Aged Care

Work? Study? Life is full of choices. At APSI, I can do both and gain valuable work experience in Australia. I come from Brazil and I enjoy the life style here. I am working part-time as a personal assistant with a real estate company in Subiaco during the day and study in the evening with APSI. It is hard work but I thoroughly enjoy the experience. One day when I return to Brazil, I will have a recognised Australian qualification, as well as work experience which will be very useful to my career advancement.

Juliana Silva Brandao (Brazil) - Diploma of Business

Student Testimonials

I am an engineer and currently studying Diploma of Business at APSI. This course gives me the opportunity to develop new skills which are focused on my professional career. With my studies, I am able to understand how the Australian workforce operates and how I can apply and develop my own projects here. Classroom structure gives me a unique learning experience. There are a lot of discussion forums for us to understand the objectives and units. When I finish every unit, I feel confident about how to manage different situations in a business environment.

Read it in Spanish!

Soy Ingeniero Mecánico y estudiar Diploma en Business en APSI me da la oportunidad de desarrollar nuevas habilidades enfocadas en mi carrera profesional. Haciendo Business puedo entender cómo funciona el mercado laboral australiano y cómo aplicar mis proyectos aquí. Las clases, además, ofrecen una experiencia de aprendizaje única. Se establecen muchos foros de discusión para que entendamos mejor los objetivos y las materias. Cuando termino las unidades, siento la seguridad de saber cómo controlar diferentes situaciones en el mundo de los negocios.

Wilmer Martignani (Venezuela) - Diploma of Business

Anna, student of Cert III in Business, at APSI campus

I wanted to improve my professional skills and International experience. I had never been to Australia before and because I am a big fan of beaches and diving, I thought that Perth is the place I simply must see. In my opinion, Perth has the best weather and is the most beautiful city to live in. I chose APSI because I wanted to improve my professional skills in an office environment.

APSI offers certificate III and IV in Business. Teachers are very helpful and I simply like spending time in this Institute. It is very close to the city and the location is great. I enjoy my classmates, speaking with teachers and acquiring new knowledge.

Anna Szczesna. Cert III in Business

Student Testimonials

I went to Melbourne to study English in 2008 and then to study in a TAFE in Community Work. I guess Community Work wasn’t my forte, hence I moved to Queensland to work and study before heading back to Chile.

My run in with WA was actually non intentional. I flew to Perth to visit my friends and instantly fell in love with the environment and the people. There is nowhere else in Australia whereby the people are friendly and everyone is just so relaxed. I met my friend Diego Botti from Brazil and he told me about his studies at APSI. I decided that Perth was somewhere I’d wanted to spend my time studying and learning the working culture, so I decided to check APSI out. The Institute is smacked in the city and the courses offered are very reasonably priced. I actually help pay my tuition fees whenever I have some savings left over from my work without having to fully depend on my parents back home.

The lecturers from APSI are amazing people! Our course coordinator Denise has the best personality ever! I know sometimes, especially after work, some students dread going to classes because they are just too tired, but Denise makes everything so interesting that you just can’t keep away! We learnt how to be our own Entrepreneur and how to run different businesses etc.

With this knowledge, I got the courage to open my own cleaning service called “Home Clean Home”, and I really have to thank Denise for guiding me through the procedures of being your own boss. I now can charge up to $30 AUD per hour and I have my partner to help as business keeps growing.

If you really want to learn more about what really goes on in the real business world and not just study by the book, come to APSI to study. I assure you that you will have fun while learning valuable information throughout your study period!

Note: Rocio is currently one of the many faces representing Perth in the Study Perth Initiative. Check Rocio out at here

Rocio (Chile) -Diploma in Business