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Our Professional Team | Business and Management

The APSI professional team are essential staff members who are committed to provide top quality training services to our students. Student learning experience is essential to the overall satisfaction of our training. Our trainers and administrative staff members are highly qualified with years of professional experience in education and training. Many of them gained their professional experience and education overseas and bring in a diverse skills and knowledge to our students.

Deb Kerrison

Deb’s passion is people development, team building, and growing leadership capacity. With 20 years of experience in Management and People Development, Deb has extensive experience in coaching and mentoring individuals, groups and organisations. Deb completed her Master of Business Leadership at Curtin Graduate School of Business. Deb is an expert in training and development providing support and upskilling to build business and leadership capacity with a hands-on interactive and fun approach to learning.

She can effectively liaise with participants to understand the values and goals of their career development needs to align with professional and personal developmental plans (PDP’s). Her approach also involves building knowledge to sustain and align mission, vision statements and support customer value propositions (CVP) to enhance individual performance. Her expertise also involves conducting a training needs analysis of participants for future business development and training purposes to meet goals and objectives.

To Deb, ‘those who dare to teach must never cease to learn’.