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Our Professional Team | Administration & Student Services

The APSI professional team are essential staff members who are committed to provide top quality training services to our students. Student learning experience is essential to the overall satisfaction of our training. Our trainers and administrative staff members are highly qualified with years of professional experience in education and training. Many of them gained their professional experience and education overseas and bring in a diverse skills and knowledge to our students.
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Brooke Archer

Administration Officer

Brooke started with APSI as a business trainee and was promoted to the position of administration officer in 2018. She provides IT and academic support to the student services and academic staff to ensure the smooth delivery of training programs and services.

Jerri Lo

Accounts and Student Services Officer

Jerri is the accounts officer and looks after the day to day bookkeeping and the accounts of APSI. Jerri assists students with their queries on fees and payment plan. Jerri knows all the difficulties with being a foreign student as she was one before. It is this firsthand experience that drives Jerri to ensure all students are provided with the right level of care and advice to ensure their problems are resolved. Jerri speaks fluent English, Cantonese and Mandarin. She holds an Accounting degree from Jinan University in China and a Masters of Human Resource Management from Edith Cowan University.

Katherine Cui

Administration Officer

Lilly Fang

Marketing and Admissions Officer

As the Marketing/Admission Officer of the APSI team, Lilly’s expertise focuses on providing professional and valuable customer services to all APSI stakeholders both internally and externally. She is passionate about motivating students on their study journey as she herself completed a Hospitality qualification at APSI. Lilly is keen on continuing to provide support and guidance for our students to grow and receiving quality training at APSI.

Lilly’s prowess also involves initiating positive experiences with our clients to ensure their aspiration is well received and their goals are excellently met. She is committed to ensuring all APSI stakeholder receive quality customer service and enjoy experiences of high value.

Charity Balgoa

Student Services Officer