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Student Support Services

Student Support Services

A great study experience means successful study outcomes. At Australian Professional Skills Institute, our student support services team is here to help our students to create the best learning experience to achieve their goals. Our team can provide student support services such as administrative assistance, time management, counselling services, career guidance and resume writing, job hunting and interviewing skills, career guidance and further education placements.

If you require any support and  assistance, please contact student services.

Counselling Service

At Australian Professional Skills Institute, we understand that it is not easy for international students to travel away from home to settle in a new environment. Students may experience concerns such as:

  • Personal problems (relationships, family, other)
  • Home sickness (the distress or anxiety caused by being separated from home)
  • Communication barriers or cultural adjustments
  • Harassment at work and among peers
  • Balancing work and studies, and managing time effectively
  • Feeling stressed, anxious or depressed
  • Or other issues.

Our student counsellor – Leanne Brown

We understands that students may need to talk to someone for reasons other than study.

Australian Professional Skills Institute has a qualified professional counsellor, Leanne Brown, who is on hand to offer students confidential support and counselling, to help students to cope with any personal or study based challenges. She can also liaise with trainers and provide referral information for ongoing support.

Students can book a confidential meeting with Leanne via her email:

If necessary, students may be referred to specialised counselling service covered by their overseas students health cover. All information during counselling sessions are keep confidential. Please contact student services for more information.

English Language Support

Australian Professional Skills Institute has links with many specialist English Language Schools in Perth to provide English language support to overseas students. Overseas students are required to provide proof of English proficiency when they apply for a course at the Institute. Some students may be required to sit for an English proficiency test to establish if they need further English support. Our English language partners are:

Study Skills

Study Support and Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Support (LLN)

Our course coordinators and counsellors are available to help students to adjust to Australian learning environment. They can provide you with assistance on classroom participation and effective study techniques. Your course coordinator will meet you during orientation program. If you have any special learning or LLN needs, please contact your course coordinator.

View our Study Skills page to find a complete list of resources to help you build the study skills and lifestyle habits you need to experience success in college.

Career Guidance

Australian Professional Skills Institute provides pathways for students to advance their career or continue their education with universities. We have experienced student services staff and course coordinators who can give students advice on career choices, further education or workplace training options.

Australian Professional Skills Institute invites guest speakers from universities, pubic and private organisation such as St George Bank, potential employers to come to speak to our students on various career options.

Students are invited to visit career expos organised by various organisations in Perth so that they can gain a better understandings of their career options in Perth. Our hospitality students are invited to visit our partner organisations such as Novotel Langley Perth Hotel during orientation week to explore their career options during and after studying with APSI.

Employment Preparation at Australian Professional Skills Institute

Australian Professional Skills Institute runs regular workshops to prepare students to look for jobs in Australia. This workshop enhances student’s readiness for work by helping students with job applications, interviews and basic workplace etiquette.

Australian Professional Skills Institute understands job hunting can be difficult at the best of times, particularly for International students who have just arrived in Australia.

These workshops can help to provide students with the important skills and knowledge and enhance their chances of employment success. Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Job applications
  • Resume writing
  • Job interview preparation and how to impress the potential employer
  • Interview scenarios
  • Manage your social media and online presence via Linkedin
  • Australian workplace etiquette, protocol and manners
  • Manage workplace diversity

Please note International students holding student visas must observe their visa requirements in relation to work. International students are only allowed to work a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight while undertaking full-time studies. If the student is on workplace training, then the student can work 20 hours per week, in addition to their normal part-time work allowance. Workplace training or work experience included in the training course can be either paid or unpaid, depends on the arrangement with the employer. If you are not sure about the arrangement, please contact your course coordinator for clarification.

For part-time/casual work in aged, home and community care, all applicants must have current Police Clearance; some jobs may require a valid Western Australia Driver’s licence and own transport with comprehensive insurance (for community care work).

All current job vacancies are posted on the student’s job notice board on the server. Students can logon at the Australian Professional Skills Institute campus during office hours to view the jobs available.

Please contact us for further details or visit our Blog on hints on job hunting.

Job Placement Assistance

Australian Professional Skills Institute prepares students to join the workforce throughout their time in Australia. Students are encouraged to attend employment preparation workshops to help them write resumes, develop job research skills, learn how to prepare for a job interview and how to make cold calls.

Australian Professional Skills Institute has a vast network of employers who already employ our graduates in the workforce. We post job vacancies on our job board so that our students are given first hand information on jobs available.

Our experienced staff and career counsellors are always available to assist students with job hunting and placement needs.

We encourage you to search for vacancies on the websites listed below: