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Business and Management Courses

Business and Management Courses  |  Leadership and Management Courses


Australian Professional Skills Institute offers a comprehensive range of business and management courses to Australian and international Students. If you want a business or management qualification that gives you a competitive edge with an Australian business focus, we have got what you are looking for. Australian Professional Skills Institute maintains strong links with industry to ensure the business qualifications delivered are effectively serving the needs of both students and workforce.

Australian Professional Skills Institute’s business and management courses are primarily focused on educational purposes with strong employment focus. Certificate IV and Diploma of Business courses are specially designed to lead to further education at university level. All qualifications are delivered by highly skilled and experienced trainers/assessors to ensure the quality and relevance of our programs.

Students will learn from experienced trainers and be exposed to Australian companies through opportunities such as field visits; workplace training and work experience; real-life scenarios and practical assessments; guest lectures from industry professionals; and participation in networking events. Our business and management courses are designed to empower students, give students a competitive edge and job ready skills that they can apply immediately in the workplace.

Gain a Global Perspective

As businesses increasingly cross national borders and networks develop between Australian and global companies, it is becoming even more important to expand one’s horizons, understand diverse environments and be adaptable to different business situations. Our business and management students come from over 30 countries including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Brazil and China with a diverse technical and business background. Many of our trainers have worked overseas and can provide an international perspective to business education that is increasing important in today’s global marketplace. Our trainers have worked closely with  industry to develop a range of modern and practical courses that provide employers and employees the core business skills and knowledge to achieve a high level of performance in the workplace.