Australian (domestic) Students Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

Australian (domestic) Students Terms & Conditions of Enrolment

The following terms and conditions of Enrolment relate to all domestic/Australian fee for service students applications for study at Australian Professional Skills Institute. They must be read, understood and accepted by the applicant or any person acting on their behalf including education agent or parent/guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age.

The applicant acknowledges all information and supporting documents provided in the application is true and accurate. By signing the student application form or confirming the student application, the applicant enters an agreement with APSI and accepts the following terms and conditions including refund policy of APSI. This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeals processes do not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws. The Institute’s dispute processes do not circumscribe the applicant’s right to pursue other legal remedies.


All fees paid in advance including registration fee, tuition fees, resources fee are non-refundable in case of student default and refundable in case of provider default. Please refer to our refund policy below.

If the student chooses to cancel this agreement before completion of the course, the student may remain liable to pay for the full tuition fees and the costs incurred by APSI in recovering any outstanding monies, including debt collection agency fees and legal costs, if applicable

Tuition fees do not cover other charges such as registration fee, resource/material fee, textbooks, uniform, stationery. Please refer to APSI fee schedule for details. If the student is deemed Not Yet Competent or misses the scheduled class listed on their timetable, the student is required to discuss with the course co-ordinator to  re-sit the whole unit. Please refer to miscellaneous fees and charges for unit re-sit.

Payment of fees is required on or by the due date as notified in writing by APSI or as per student invoice. Penalty fees will be applied to all late payment. Please refer to miscellaneous fees schedule.

All course fees are non-transferrable except in cases of documented ill heath and may only be transferred to other courses within APSI or at the discretion of APSI’s management.

APSI reserves the right to accept or reject any application for enrolment at its discretion.

APSI reserves the right to cancel any course prior to the commencement of the course should it deem necessary and a full refund of all payments will be given to the applicant.

APSI reserves the right to withhold granting the Award attained by the student if student fees remain outstanding.

Students are required to pay the fees according to student invoice fee due dates including public holidays, semester break or workplace training period.

Tuition Fee Refund Policy

Download the Australian Professional Skills Institute Domestic Fee for Service Student Refund Policy

Late Payment of Fees

1 weeks prior to fees due date – APSI will send a fee due reminder to the student via internal email. 1st week after due date – APSI sends fees overdue warning letter with A$50 penalty fees. End of two weeks warning period – APSI issues Notification of Cancellation letter and the student’s enrolment will be cancelled.

Miscellaneous Fees / Charges

*Withdrawal Administration Fee for current student on a valid CoE (withdraw before the course end date on CoE)
per CoE
RPL / Credit Application administration fee (after course commencement date, no charge before course commencement date)
per unit
RPL assessment fee
per unit
Credit Transfer / RPL credit discount fee (if successful)
per unit
Credit Transfer discount on resource fee (if successful)
per unit
Single stand alone unit for students to get dual qualifications (no materials)
for extra certificate
Unit Resit Fee (reschedule the unit at another time which is not on the original timetable)
per unit
Assessment late submission fee
per week per assessment
Assessment re-sit (For those who missed 50% of the unit) Assessment only fees, no participation
per unit
Reissue of Statement of Attainment or Certificate/qualification/award
per item
Reissue of student card or work experience ID card
per card
Payment Plan Administration fee (for more payments than what was stated on the offer letter)
added to the total invoice
Late tuition fee payment penalty Fee (Max penalty 4 weeks late and course enrolment will be automatically cancelled)
per week from Invoice Due Date
Enrolment reinstatement fee after cancellation of the course
per reinstatement
*Course variation Fee, change of course after commencement, CoE extension and re-issue of new CoE
per change
*Holiday Request / Timetable reschedule
per transaction
Credit Card/EFTPOS Processing Fee
of total amount
Lamination A4 (per page)
per page
Office Phone (emergency local only)
per call
Photocopy / printing (Black and White)
per page (either one side or duplex)
Printing (colour)
per page (one side or duplex)
Registered post handling fee for certificate
$100 $10
Overseas within Australia

*International student only

For Assessment re-sit and unit re-sit terms and conditions, please refer to our student handbook

Student Code of Conduct, Attendance and Dress Code

Students must attend all classes, tests and assessments during the course and abide by the rules and regulations of APSI. APSI reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrolment at any stage if the student is non-compliant with college behaviour and code of conduct. Such information is available in APSI’s student handbook.

All students must observe the dress code of APSI. All business students must be dressed in acceptable office attire while attending class. All Aged care and hospitality students must wear white shirt/blouse, black trousers, closed flat black shoes with APSI trainee name badge while conducting workplace training in aged care facilities.

Attempts to forge doctor certificates for attendance records will result in suspension from studies and may lead to cancellation of enrolment.

Any student found to be involved in activities, which contravene Australian law will be automatically dismissed from their studies

Personal Information

APSI has to provide your personal information to Commonwealth and State Agencies pursuant to obligations under National VET Regulator Act 2011.

By signing on the application form, the student agrees to give permission to APSI to release his/her personal information including matters concerning his/her welfare matters, academic progress and examination results to his/her parents, guardian or government agencies.

Grievance, Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Students have access to an internal complaint and appeal procedure of APSI if they feel they have been unjustly treated or have a serious complaint for all academic, disciplinary and personal matters. Please refer to APSI’s complaints and appeal procedure which is available in the student handbook and on our website. There is an external grievance process available to students if they have exhausted the internal procedure and still feel unsatisfied. A third independent party will be used to resolve the dispute.

Students may also seek legal redress through the usual court processes if they feel unsatisfied. This agreement and the availability of complaints and appeal processes do not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

Change of Address

All students must supply the most current contact details including address , telephone numbers and email address to APSI during the enrolment. Student can logon to student portal – Mywisenet via APSI’s home page to update such information or inform student services via email.  No responsibility will be taken by APSI for any information that students may not receive due to the change of address and telephone numbers.

Course Curriculum

APSI reserves the right to vary the course curriculum, unit of competency, timetable, teaching staff, place of delivery without prior notice to students.

Orientation Program

All students must attend an orientation prior to the course commencement date. If student cannot attend orientation, they have to contact student service within the first week of course commencement.

Non Commencement of Studies

Students or their agent must inform APS Institute if they are not able to commence their course as soon as possible before their course commencement date.

Application for Course Credit

Applications for course credit based on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer (CT) or Mutual Recognition (MR) should be submitted at the time of application and at least 14 days before course commencement date and up to 2 weeks after course commencement. Exemptions will be granted based on skills and education that a student has already acquired from other appropriate courses in Australia or in other countries. Fees may apply for RPL applications.

A course credit application form with information pack is available for download from APSI’s website or from admissions office. All course credit applications must be accompanied with a non-refundable application fee of A$200.

Course credit or exemptions will only to be granted where it can be shown that the student has successfully completed other studies that are either

  • Of a similar duration
  • Studied at a similar or higher level
  • Of similar content

Any reduction in course fees as a result of course credit will be credited towards the last semester payment. A notice of the result will be sent to the student’s internal email box and by mail.

English Language Requirements

All students must meet the minimum numeracy and literacy requirements for entry into APSI. For those students whose first language in not English, they are required to provide proof of English language proficiency. LLN test can be conducted at APSI prior to enrolment. If it is reveals that the English language skills are insufficient, the student will be required to enrol at their own expenses in an approved ESL course prior to the commencement of studies at APSI.